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  1. I agree with the idea that emotions have been attached to certain sensations in our lives. I know that certain smells of detergents remind me of home and equates to comfort, and I think this is especially true for people who are very visually or artistically inclined. At least these people are more aware of their emotions being tied to certain triggering events in their lives, and have a higher ability to recognise them.

  2. I think that sometimes certain people can bring up a strong reaction in us, we don’t like that person but don’t know why and start looking for reasons till we find one, sometimes I think that person reminds us of someone else we don’t like FOR a reason

  3. Hi Evan, not sure that the emotion is kind of lying there looking for something to attach to, as much as some kind of familiar set of conditions triggers a similar emotion which gets created all over again… that’s certainly how it is for me when I ‘disentangle’!

    1. I’m not sure exactly what you mean. Is it that emotion from one situation gets attached to another which evokes similar feelings?

      I do think a feeling can be pervasive, or in the background. But perhaps you haven’t had this kind of experience.

  4. I mean that the emotions are responses to specific situations, which trigger old patterns, or habits of response (like a trauma-response for example). So it feels like exactly the same emotion, but I don’t think that emotion is necessarily lying in wait inside us somewhere. It’s more like there’s a habitual pattern ready and waiting to be activated. The pervasiveness of the pattern (‘oh no, here I go again, feeling horribly threatened for no good reason’) might make slight differences in the emotions themselves (‘this time on a scale of 1-10 it’s only a 7”) hard to perceive. This is something I come across in therapy quite a bit, an old pattern, a slightly new feeling….

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