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  1. I’ve taken to using “accountable” and “responsible” as words to distinguish the difference between what we are are held to account for (account-able) as opposed to what we are able to respond to (response-able). When we or someone who’s opinion we value make us accountable for something for which we are not primarily responsible, suffering results. Stephen R. Covey says the same thing in a different way with his concepts of “area of concern” and “area of influence”.

  2. I work with people who have had there children removed from the home by CPS.
    The distinction between being responsible and being accountable is a mute point when life has gotten so miserable the state is taking the kids.

    I use a different paradigm: help the parent identify the reason the kids are removed—and fix the problem. If I allowed myself (or my clients) the luxury of debating this issue they could not move forward.

    I suggest this: simplistic therapy with goals can work—trying to fix philosophical conundrums will not.

  3. Evan, The blog and this post in particular are indicative of my thinking and approach to life and my experiences. I have the ability to respond when it comes to my experiences, etc.
    I do enjoy finding ways to influence mine and others lives for good. And others in my life, I realize also enjoy the same.
    On my life experiences, I must say I never will be finished learning.

  4. Thanks for articulating so well what has bothered me about different philosophies, such as “you attracted that into your life”. Yes, I may set the stage for something, or be on the look out for something, even subconsciously…but NOT EVERYTHING!

  5. Hey, Evan –

    What you wrote here helps me also with the idea of the “Law of Attraction” . . . parts of that law have never sat well with me and now I can see why. Thank you!

    – Marie (Coming Out of the Trees)

  6. Hi Marie, yes, there are parts of the ‘Law of Attraction’ that make me uncomfortable too. Especially the idea that we are responsible for everything. Thanks for your comment.

  7. Hi Evan – I can so resonate with this post. Many years ago, I was a victim of a horrific violent crime which left me ill – physically and mentally, for a long time. At first I guess I adopted the victim mentality and believed that what happened ruined my own life.

    I could only move forward once I realised that I was responsible for the way I let the crime affect me and I was also responsible for what happened in the rest of my life.

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