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  1. Evan,
    Good article. Repetition is important in mastery of skills, it also sometimes allows us to be mindless in what we are doing which at times we all need. Of course when we practice something repetitively it is not 100% repetitive because we are finding better ways to do what we are doing even if we are only improving the nuances of what we are doing we are in fact creating change within our repetitive actions.

  2. Reminds me of Gladwell’s Outliers, and some other research I came across in the British media recently saying much the same thing – that genius is down to those 10,000 hours you put in, (or however long it was! Can’t remember)

    As you repeat what you are doing the basics become automatic which frees up the rest of your capaacity for those little changes Mark mentioned that make what you’re doing truly skillful…

  3. Yes, I forget who the 10,000 hours came from. It’s from the psych literature which Malcolm popularised.

    I think there are some other requirements about facilitating learning during those 10,000 hours though. The patterns (habits) need to be learned, not just practising the same mistakes!

    Thanks for your comment Sarah.

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