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  1. Chaos the conundrum of our troubled time.
    We live in strange times,chaos haunts and hunts us whether you live in China as I do or elsewhere.

    This toxic need for information and dependence on technology has created a monster within us.

    Last weeks heading in a local paper “can you live without your phone for a day”?demonstrates this nicely , rational behaviour tells us that to be dominated by a tool however good is simply silly,however much it promises you even the after live and having sex with different people each week.

    But that my friend is what has happened,the mere thought of “no phone or no computer” drive sane people into irrational behaviour,equat that with a technical delay at an airport,if the plane is delayed or a has a problem,who do they shout at,obviously its the fault of the check in person who should immediatly change into a pilot and fly the plane to whereever because the passenger has a business appointment.

    Its at time like these that I despair,when my work as a health profesional puts me at risk of becomming a prize fighter.

    Why have we become so depended on technology and the medai created need to feel bereft if its taken away or does not work?

    I guess it conditioning, we expect and want; because we feel we are entitled(that big word) we are and we can have and must have.

    Who says?

    Well television and the papers etc., they say you can, you must and you are entitled.

    Is this true?

    Who cares, I wnat it now.

    So there you are the cause for so much discontent.

    How easy is it to fix this unsumountable problem.?

    Swith off your phone for the day,do not listen to the radio,avoid the TV and just sit down and think of the good things in life,those which are free and we are certainly entitled to.

    Breath brother it may never happen(unless ofcourse its dramatically suggested in the papers and on TV that without your phone you’d depart this world)

    lee du ploy
    (hong kong)

    ps a friend of mine swears this is a true story,he was checking in to come back to HK from London when a large gentlemen with a groanning trolly gentle pushed in front of him.

    He handed his ticket to the startled check in lady.

    ” I am sorry sir,this is an economy ticket”
    “But, said the gentlemen”I am a business man can’t you tell from my luggage:

  2. I think I have been blessed with that virtue of patient. I still remember the hurricane season in my small island in the Caribbean; no electricity, no running hour, no cell phone or even regular phone, no computer or by that time “atari games” for an entire week. Great excersise to develop patient and to appreciate what is really important in life. :)

  3. Before the hurricane hit was time of preparation, to check up on our neighbors and to collaborate with each other by securing all the basics. During hurricane we would enjoy the company of family by story telling, or singing, reading to each other and after hurricane had pased, enjoying nature outside, and playing with whatever was left by the storm. I guess we developed some creativity and a sense of compasstion by helping each other.

  4. Hi, Evan –

    When I get into that place of plodding with no idea of what is coming in the far future or the near future . . . I ask myself if I know what I need to do today . . . just today. Inevitably, the answer is always “yes”. What else do I need to know?

    – Marie (Coming Out of the Trees)

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