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  1. Hi Evan!

    The times this question has come up for me is numerous indeed.
    Most often it seems to always correlate to a time when success and time are involved. EX. Like staying on the line with a company and the hold time seems to long/should I just hang up and call back later? Or as with my children if a rule or habit isn’t cutting it and getting the desired behavior modification happening. I often regroup and look for alternate ways of handling it. Then there are times in educational political arenas when persistence definately pays off…”squeeking wheels” and calling and staying the course has often paid off. And building a louder voice through getting others on board defiantely makes a difference!

    I have to admit though many choices seem more spontaneous when values are the drive and persistance I do believe still plays a huge role in all that activity.

    I think there are times that this question does cause some distress and discomfort when you have to decide whether or not one’s persistance will pay off since time is a factor for success and other concerns involved in life. When I am reflecting back on experiences that I wonder if I could of mananged it differnetly and had better results. Which is often so full of conjecture that for me reflecting on what did work seems much better to do concentrate on at times.

    Peace, Love and Joy,

    1. Thanks Diane, lots of important considerations that you raise. I do think it is important to reflect on our successes.

      Thanks for your very thoughtful and reflective comment.

  2. I think of myself as persevering, but that doesn’t mean I’m not flexible in my techniques. I try to keep my basic values in mind, so if what I’m doing isn’t working I try something else…usually. Sometimes I will try a failed strategy a few times while I’m thinking of other options. That keeps me moving, and I also do it with awareness, so I’m not wasting my time. I’m paying careful attention to see exactly why the strategy isn’t working. So I’m still gaining valuable knowledge.

    Good question!

  3. How do we know? To me it’s about two things, one is what my intuition tells me and the other is a reality check.

    Seeing reality as it is and assessing what our chances and options are, usually gives us a fairly accurate whether we should go on or quit. But at the same time, we must not forget our inner voice because it usually has some valuable information hidden in our unconscious mind.

    So, I check what’s viable and what’s not, but I also pay attention to my hunches :)

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