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  1. “Don’t take it personally”. It is saying your feelings are not valid or you shouldn’t feel.

    “Take personal responsiblity”. It is saying you are at fault.

    “Personal consideration could help” It is saying what are the posibilities?

  2. I try to live in alignment with my values and keep my ego out of the way. For me not taking things personally is a natural consequence. The idea of taking responsibility is also part of it. I define responsibility as the ability to choose how we respond to a situation rather than just reacting. So for me the two concepts go together, there is no contradiction.

    1. I couldn’t agree with this more. We always have some role in every transaction in life, even if it’s only how we choose to react. It’s a difficult concept to wrap your brain around at first but ultimately solves many of our problems. Ever notice that when you do take personal responsibility AND stop taking things personally, people in your life who once seemed to be a source of pain and drama just drift away? We stop playing our part of the game and the hooks are out. This was a great article!

  3. Great post Evan! I think most things aren’t personal – in many cases, a harsh critic is just acting out their own insecurities. If we weren’t there they would have done the same to someone else. We just happened to be in their way.

    1. I agree. If we can step back and consider the possibility that a criticism or comment that initially hurts, may actually have nothing to do with us at all, we can rid ourselves of much pain and negative self-talk. Sometimes folks behave in ways that initially seem intentionally hurtful because WE wouldn’t have behaved that way and thus assume that others wouldn’t either, unless they were out to hurt us. In fact, others do not think the same way we do.

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