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  1. This is very interesting to think about.

    My experience has been that a ‘wise’ distribution of responsibility, among adults in the workplace or elsewhere, requires that all participants not only understand the ‘process’ of sharing responsibility, but be able to think about and discuss that process comfortably.

    When this is the case, then responsibility can be allocated/shared wisely and – yes; responsibly.

    It’s a dynamic process, in the best situations.

    It really is irresponsible for the ‘expert’ to withhold advice or intervention at certain crucial junctures; it really is irresponsible for the ‘client’ to suspend critical judgement at other junctures. In the work setting, the collective abdication of responsibility to ‘leaders’ [and in academia, dare I say to ‘thought leaders’?] sets the stage for groupthink and worse.

    Thank you for a thought provoking read!

  2. Hello Evan,

    This reminded me of lawyers and court judges when they say “if you knew it, you’re responsible”

    Excellent article!

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