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  1. Hi Evan,


    They say asking the right questions makes all the difference.
    There’s a great book called Let My People Surf and he calls himself the reluctant business man. He’s the owner of Patagonia a specialized clothing store that is mainly online/mail order but has growm and has retail stores now too. He talks about asking the right questions alot.

    Its funny when you get creative and think in a long range planing mode and kind of get open to fresh ideas but within governments and their base line thinking your wonderful ideas are not realistic or probable.
    Great ideas yes very. This is were the quote each person can make a difference by making choices in their own lives.

    I watched a great show on innovators/inventors and architects last year. This one amazingly inventive archetect built a self-sustaing small community everything was going well they were learning and being eco conscious until the building department came and all the violations were noted down. It took him ten years to get in compliance but along the way he headed up a special cause to get experimental living exceptions Permits so he could expand and do what he dreamed. It was quite a process to get governnment officials to sign off on this because so many rules were about conforming and safety. So he was an example of what your talking about but he did the daunting work to get the changes that were so important to him.

  2. Hi Diane,

    If you remember the name of the architect could you send it. I’d love to know more.

    Governments are quite stupid – they know the new is required but then don’t want to take any risks. They say entrepreneurs are important and then want guarantees of results. I (and many others no doubt) find this frustrating and infuriating. The only sensible way I know of to respond to this is try something so small that it is safe for the bureaucrats to ignore it. The find a way to scale it up on the basis of proven success (and expect opposition as soon as its successful). I have a good deal of experience of this process – I guess my feelings are showing.

    I really like the approach of the guy who runs Patagonia. A good question can revolutionise things I think.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. Hi Evan!

    Yes! I have found the government to be frustrating at times…too.
    It’s that accoutability thing! On the other side of the spectrum they are getting robbed somewhere else…in outrageous ways! Or cutting off their own headway.

    I don’t remember his name but I am trying to for you. It was on the science channel so maybe I’ll scan their site and look up eco architects in New Mexico. I could paint the guy but I can’t tell you his name…go figure! Sorry!

  4. Hi Evan,
    Movie Review: “Garbage Warrior” and Experimental Architect, Michael Reynolds
    by Kimberley D. Mok, Montreal, Canada on 07. 5.08
    Culture & Celebrity

    It’s at Treehugger! I noticed it was on your blog roll!

    You’ll love it, I think!

    The website was having some tech problems or I would of shared it at your other site.

    Hey now I’ll remember his name! Thanks!

    Yes I am visual, that’s one of the reason why I love this architect!


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