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6 Comments on “Is Putting It Off A Good Idea?”

  1. I think there is a felt difference between something which is being put off and something which is not a priority at the moment.

    Once I feel I’m putting something off it’s useful to ask if I actually want to do that thing or not ;-)

    Then if I do – feel my way into what the block is.

    Thanks for making me realise that :-) Nice post!

    I also think the present moment is alive with an awful lot of things at once!!

  2. Hi Sarah,

    I think you’re right. There is a felt difference.

    Like you, when I’m procrastinating (and get around to realising it) I’ll often ask myself whether I want to do it.

    Your remark about the present moment being alive with possibilities and options has got me thinking. Linking it with your remark about the felt difference. I think I need to know/think more about the felt difference between something not being a priority and something being put off. You’ve got me intrigued.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. I like this post Evan!

    Some things happen and we set aside our daily do’s.
    Our priorities don’t change but our attention must be on this specific event. As a mom you get use to this type of occurance. But sometimes events do trigger that need to reprioritize our life. And so it goes on and on…the changing flow. I like Sarah’s reflection on feeling your way through it too.

    Sometimes I have learned that in putting something off it really wasn’t a need that was as important as I had thought it was. And of course I have also learned the opposite of that as well. Interesting developments happen all the time.

    Last year I went on a perfect holiday with my son to Hawaii…And may I say it was all that and more. And I was so glad I didn’t put it off anymore! I just did it!

  4. Thanks Diane.

    I like Sarah’s reflection too.

    Like you I’ve learned that some things aren’t nearly as important as I thought. For me it’s getting tunnel-visioned and then having something snap me out of it.

    I hope you have some more great holidays planned!

    Thanks for your comment.

  5. Thoughtful post Evan, Thank you.

    I have recently learned that “putting off” can actually cause a sense of overwhelming in the present, for as you aptly stated, “It can distract – and occupy our energy” thus requiring more energy to do what I am presently doing.

    Procrastination – a hard choice at times, for what I put off, if no emergency or urgency exists, is usally what I hate doing.

    Thanks for

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