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Our main site Counselling Resource carries the bulk of our mental health and psychology resources, including our blog Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life — while BlogsInMind.com provides a home for archived blog posts which have been retired from the main blog.

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BlogsInMind.com is the new home for archived posts which have been retired from our main blog at CounsellingResource.com.

As a satellite site of CounsellingResource.com, all our documents about site privacy, advertising, terms of use and so on are included on the main site:

We do have a separate addendum specifically about Cookies and Privacy on this site.

If you need to get in touch with us, please do so via the main site’s contact page. The team looks forward to hearing from you!

BlogsInMind.com Ancient History

While it’s always been part of the CounsellingResource.com ecosystem, back in 2007 and early 2008, we operated a multi-user blogging setup catering especially for blogging in the world of psychology, mind and personal experience. With 60+ themes, many specially modified to enable bloggers to display advertising on their blogs and earn money via Google AdSense, and with a custom-made revenue-sharing widget to enable bloggers to lay out their blog advertisements however they liked, our market research showed that we successfully leapfrogged the technology being offered by other ‘niche’ blogging sites dedicated to psychology and related fields. We also made a point of closing down the gaping security holes of which some other niche psychology blogging sites seemed blissfully unaware, and of regularly updating the WordPress Multi-User software system to ensure our users’ privacy and security wouldn’t be compromised. Most importantly of all, we took aggressive steps to stop the flow of blog spam whenever it started, while others offering this service (you know who you are!) just let it build up.

So we were feeling pretty pleased with ourselves, and we were delighted to find that a user community of around 85 readers and writers quickly signed up and began crafting their blogs. All was well. Except…!

Except what? Except that staying on top of all those spam account creations, and all those software bugs that kept appearing in the underlying WordPress software system, proved to be too much for what we, as a small team, could sustainably handle. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right — and doing it right was just taking too much of our limited resources. So, we notified our users, gave everyone plenty of time to backup and transfer their blog posts to other systems, and as of February 2008, shuttered the site.

We wish all our ex-bloggers well at their new locations, and in the interim, BlogsInMind.com itself has moved on to its current role as an historical archive site for materially originally published at CounsellingResource.com.

About Our Unofficial Logo

The graphic portion of our unofficial logo was created by the talented illustrator and graphic designer Nina Magradze and is used under license, copyright © Depositphotos.com/Venimo.

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Overseen by an international advisory board of distinguished academic faculty and mental health professionals with decades of clinical and research experience in the US, UK and Europe, CounsellingResource.com provides peer-reviewed mental health information you can trust. BlogsInMind.com provides archived posts that have been retired from the main CounsellingResource.com blog Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life.

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